by Caleb Hystad

Where a love for pixels, video games, and pop culture collide! I'm an Animation Director & Hobby Developer living in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

"Charles C. Gull"

An iPhone arcade game by Caleb Hystad. (App Store)

Charles C. Gull is a jerk. A seagull with a hat who loves knocking defenceless birds out of the sky, and spilling garbage cans on the street.

Follow along with Charles on his daily bully flight, but watch out for the ravens and bears… They’ll steal all of his feathers if they catch him!

TOUCH to fly

HOLD to glide… and RELEASE to boost

 Small birds are ONE point

Garbage cans are TWO points 

 Ravens will hurt you… as will Bears 

If you’re hit… take a feather from a passing Seagull

Every 10 points Charles will fly faster > > >

Good Luck!

If you have any questions or comments regarding “Charles C. Gull” for the iPhone, please email them to me at caleb@fancifulape.com © Caleb Hystad 2011